Online Casino with Entropay

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Entropay is one of the systems for money transfers and payments available and popular in usa. They differ from the web wallets like PayPal or WebMoney significantly: Entropay is issuing a virtual VISA.

Online Casino with Entropay

Using this card, it is possible to make online shopping, replenish your online casino balance and do much more things pretty much like real VISA.

Virtual VISA (or a MasterCard as the other payment systems provide) is a chance to significantly increase your Internet payments security, as you will not have to have a physical card to make payments and to restrict the availability of its balance for Internet payments to low amounts playing with them each time you need to make a purchase (which can be pretty urgent).

How the register

  • Make sure you register in Entropay for a good reason: a necessity to pay into your online casino account or to make a more secure shopping without giving anybody a number of your physical card.
  • After you register in the system (passing through a standard verification process that may require checking your identity), you will be given with a full number of a card, its expiration date, a cardholder’s name embossed on a card, and a CVV number – all obligatory parameters to do Internet shopping.
  • The mandatory step – the refilling of a card, as this card is a debit only, it has no credit limit on it or the possibility to set it up after some time. It is simply to do from any your existing bankcard with the direct money transfer or from your Internet banking if your bank provides such a service.

Pros of Entropay

1. You will not be able to spend more on that card that you have a balance on it – it’ll limit you if you are a venturesome gambler.

2. Less risk for your money on the Internet.

Cons of EntroPay

1. As it works a little bit not the same as physical VISA, there may be payments rejection in online US or other places if they are round amounts like USD 100, USD 300 and so on. To eliminate this con, try to make odd payments like USD 57,36.

2. Impossible to use offline, where a physical card’s presence is required.

Entropay FAQ
>What is Entropay?

It is one of the many money transfer and payment options that US use. You’ll find this option available with any online casino in usa and for good reason.

They’re different from other e-wallets like WebMoney and PayPal in that they issue a virtual VISA to you.

>How to use Entropay?

Using it is as simple as making an account and registering. Once you get the card, you can begin using it to shop or use it like any other credit card.

>How to withdraw money from Entropay?

You’ll have to do through the account you created. It’s all straightforward in what you need to do.

>How to get Visa Entropay?

You get one by making an account with them. It’s automatically given out to users.

>Which is better Entropay or Neteller?

Neither. Each one has it’s own uses and drawbacks just like any other payment option that is available to users. The question is which one suits you more for your own goals.


A nice to use by USA people, easy to refill and operates pretty much the same as the real card.