How to start playing in a internet casino?

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Internet casino is a site or software that enables gambling via the Internet. Internet casino is often called ‘virtual’ or ‘online’ casino.

The development is done by such manufacturers as Microgaming, PlayTech, Novomatic and others. The first online casino was opened in the US in 1997.

Internet casino makes it possible to gamble on the real and virtual money. The algorithm of gambling on the virtual money is the same as on the real money, whatever game you’ve chosen: roulette, card games, slots din. You can play poker, roulette, blackjack, slot machines, keno, baccarat, lotteries in the online US the same as in the real ones.

Fraud in Online Casino

Some fraudulent US apply dirty tricks towards gambler. They include the prolonged verification process (of personality, of account), long payouts or their cancellation under different reasons, blocking of account with the confiscation of all money on it and so on.

US may use counterfeit software (some scripts or the total copy of games by the known manufacturers) or make the other mutilations to the software’s code.

Requirements to Start Playing

Registration is a simple and intuitively understood process. It is important to fulfill all data correctly unless you don’t want to have problems with the withdrawal of money.

The account is a gambling account of a player. It is prohibited to have more than one account. US don’t always but usually ask to verify the person by verifying the account.

  • The verification of an account

The verification is in most cases destined to check the compliance of the rules of online casino with you: if you are 18 or older, do not try to possess some other’s property, do not create multiple accounts and so on. To do it, it is usually enough to send a copy of your passport or driving license.

The other part of verification - is the verification of your residence. US ask you to send them a photo of your utility bill with the address stated the same as in your profile during the registration. This verification is not always asked!

There is a number of complaints from the gamblers on the Internet that a casino plays for time and refuses to pay out the big winning without a super meticulous check of a person. You should know that a good gambling facility never allows itself playing for time and they pay out the money to its gamblers in time no more than it is necessary. Usually, the check is done within one day. If during the first attempt to withdraw your money, you are asked to send them the notary-verified documents, it is a great reason to doubt in the decency of a casino.

It is not hard to send documents, though, – you only download them in the special section of the casino or the support service will contact you via e-mail and will ask you to attach the scans to your responding letter.

  • Withdrawing money on your account

Deposits and withdrawal are represented in the casino in many various ways: debit/credit cards, bank transfers, electronic payment systems (Skrill, Neteller, and others).

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The replenishment is done at once, and the withdrawal usually takes some time. The most part of the US usually withdraws your money within one hour.

  • Security of your data

All your data is fully secured. You shall not worry about it!