Online Casino Welcome Bonuses

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Another staple to US: welcoming bonuses. Used to attract players, this is another marketing tactic that is highly effective. The most lucrative online US know this as they have the best welcome bonuses around. Below we answer some of the basic questions about this type of bonus and some tips to pick out the best ones for you.

What Are Welcome Bonuses?

Also known as sign up bonuses, they’re offered to first-time players to in that casino. It is by far one of the most popular bonuses around as it’s a good tool in luring players in. As such, you’ll find pretty much any casino has a bonus like this.

Jackpot City Casino
Deposit Bonus up to $1600
Royal Vegas Casino
Welcome Bonus $1200
All Slots Casino
$1500 in Welcome Bonuses

Because of its popularity, US have a wide range. Some range up to into the thousands of dollars while others are much smaller. Regardless, these welcome bonuses come with specific conditions to consider as well.

How Do They Work?

Unlike most other bonuses, there isn’t any kind of special actions you need to get them. Once an account is made, you can claim this bonus. The question is more on how can you make the most of the bonus. Consider following these steps:

  • First, look at the bonuses across multiple US. There are plenty of lists displaying bonuses easily as well that can help too.
  • Second, check the terms and conditions section of the casino. Specifically, what conditions you must follow as part of the bonus. You want to do this before accepting as US can rope players into unpleasant circumstances from these bonuses.
  • Third, once you pick a solid casino, go to the casino’s banking page and select a payment option you’re comfortable with.
  • Fourth, enter how much you want to deposit. Then confirm the transaction.
  • Fifth, wait. The casino will soon send the bonus to you. In situations where you took a no deposit bonus, you’ll get the bonus right away.
  • Six, you’re done.

Are There Good and Bad Things to Welcome Bonus?

Absolutely. There are pros and cons to this type and other bonuses. After all, these bonuses are free, so there has to be a catch to it. In this case it’s the casino winning in some fashion.

Good Things with This Bonus
  • A solid welcoming bonus these days is a sort of seal of approval that this casino is reliable and popular. Solid welcoming bonuses are bonuses that are clear about their conditions and offer an appealing bonus. This makes weaving through safe US easier.
  • Regardless of the amount, it’s still free money. You can easily walk away with some real money from this experience.
  • The welcome bonuses are big enough to let you experience a wide variety of games. This lets you determine what you want to play and what you enjoy playing.
Bad Things with This Bonus
  • Every bonus has wagering requirements. This means you’re blocked out of withdrawing any of your winnings until those requirements are met. It’s this sort of scenario where some of the shadier US can get you. They place you in situations where you have to use your winnings or real money to make excessive bets. So make sure you read the finer details.
  • A welcome bonus can lead to players playing recklessly and spend more money than they deposited. It can lead to overspending.

What Are the Types of Bonuses?

Here’s a list:

  • Cash Match Bonuses - Bonus activates when you make your first deposit. As the name suggests, the amount is based on how much you deposit. This is the most popular form of bonuses.
  • Sticky Bonuses - This bonus is free cash you can use on games, but it sticks with the casino forever. In other words, you can’t claim any winnings you make from money spent with this bonus. Regardless, check the fine print around these bonuses as the conditions can be weird. That or go for the other bonuses.
  • Cashback Bonuses - Similar to cashback features on your credit card, this functions the same way. The only difference is it’s the casino giving you cash back. As for amounts it could be portions of loses or on the initial deposit. Check the conditions for specifics.
  • Free Spin Bonuses - It’s free money to play at specific slots. You’re given enough money to spin a certain amount of times. Regardless, there will be wagering requirements on this condition so be sure to read them before signing up.
  • No Deposit Bonuses - Similar to the cash match bonuses. This is free money you can use to play around before making an actual deposit. Normally, this bonus is very small with most offering about $10.

This is a solid bonus, but as always read the fine print. The last thing that you want is to be roped into some shady conditions.

Welcome Bonus FAQ
>What is a casino welcome bonus?

I’ve only started to get into gambling when I heard about some mechanic that is a thing about online gambling establishments. They’re called welcome bonuses. What is up with them?

The first thing to know about online gambling halls is that they have all kinds of incentives. Much like your urges to play for the first time, these are extra incentives to go to a specific place.

Don’t worry, these kind of bonuses are legit - even though they are manipulative and push you to play. Out of the various promotional tools available to get you to play, this one in particular is offered boldly.

You can consider it as the casino’s anchor to hooking people in. Why? Well, as the name of this particular mechanic suggests, this is an advantage or promotion that is provided to you when you sign up with any and all legal gambling businesses. Because of this aspect, they’re also called sign up bonuses.

Regardless of the name of it, if this is your first time at this place of business, and you follow all of the requirements that they have, you’ll get a bonus that is usually mentioned on the first page of the site.

>How does casino welcome bonus work?

Again this one-of-a-kind and special bonus is something that only works upon sign up. This means you need to follow the process of signing up. Once that’s done, you’ll have to verify your information before being able to claim your reward for doing so.

>How does 100% welcome casino bonus work?

What do they mean by a 100% welcome casino bonus. How does that even work?

It sounds a little unusual but let me explain. The overall nature of this offer is quite obvious when you consider it. This specific bonus suggests that whenever you make a deposit - normally this is your first deposit - the casino will match 100% of that deposit in the form as a bonus. Do note that most US offer this multiple times - at less percentages - but the nature is all the same.

Since this is a place of business, restrictions are going to be there. But despite how these sorts of restrictions will apply, it’s still a very helpful bonus. Examples of restrictions are made obvious like an established business will only put up $200 or $250 per deposit that you make. But getting back to how this promotion works, here is an example.

Say you’ve been scouring the internet and after your long search, you happen to find an established place that resonates with you. Everything about it looks great. The games look good, and the offer suggests they’ll award you with upwards of $1,600 cash for free in the form of bonuses. These bonuses you’ll be able to redeem once you register an account with them.

It feels surreal for sure. All of that money is pretty nice after all. But it all comes down to details. You see, you’ll find that the bonus will be broken down into small increments as opposed to one large sum you can claim all at once. For the sake of the example, let’s say it offers you $400 as bonus per deposit you make for the first four deposits you make. This adds up to the $1,600 mentioned earlier.

So you’re convinced and you go to that casino and you sign up. Once everything is all set up, you go to deposit some money and decide on $400 at this casino you just signed up for.

It’s at this particular aspect where we need to go back to the percentage mentioned above. The big 100%. Because this is your first time depositing and you just signed up with them, there is good odds that they will provide 100% to you as a reward for signing up with them.

What this means is that whatever amount you settled on as a deposit - in this case the figure mentioned above - the establishment will award you based on simple mathematics. You’re depositing $400, you are going to be awarded $400 extra, in the form of a bonus. In other words, for the sake of our example, the casino will follow up by depositing $400 into your account, giving you a running total of $800 to do as you please.

In a sense, this is free monies that you can use however you like.

Now as mentioned above, there are other cases where you’ll be able to earn more. Like I said in the example, that casino - and many real ones - will offer these bonuses for the first three or four deposits you make. Going back to our example, there are three other deposits you can take advantage of. However, you might find the percentages to be lower. That is the catch to leveraging these bonuses as if you want to receive the full amount, every deposit will demand more money from you initially. Why that is boils down to the percentages they’ll be covering. In some cases you’ll find them offering 75% or 50% bonuses. This works the same way as in the example mentioned above. The only difference is you’ll be depositing more money.

>What online casino has the best welcome bonus?

Are there any top tier US around that offer some amazing bonuses like this that I can leverage for myself?

That’s subjective as each player has their own goals in mind. Not only that but as you might be able to guess depending on the percentage you’ll have to wager more if you want to leverage it.

That being said, if your only criteria for joining a casino is their anchor and hook and how good it is, then you can turn to Jackpot City. Over the course of four deposits, you can get upwards of $1600 in the form of this bonus. That being said, it’ll likely be working in the same way as the example I presented above. Your bonus is in increments and each payment may have to be higher each time if you want to get the full amount they mentioned.

>What is a no deposit welcome bonus for online US?

This is a mishmash of two features that these businesses can offer. For those not familiar with it, a no deposit means that there is no requirement for you to put any money forward.

When you pair that up with a welcome bonus, it should be clear what this all means. To put it simply, it means that when you go and create an account with the place of business, you will receive free monies just by doing that.

It’s a pretty cool deal, though it’s worth noting that these awards are pretty small and have more red tape so to speak compared to some other promotions that are offered.