Online Casino with MasterCard

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MasterCard was foundead in 1996. Today it is considered to be the most popular and reliable payment system. All the banks in the world use MasterCard services. Besides, MasterCard is the main rival for VISA. And it is not the second in the list.

Online Casino with MasterCard

The payment system offers 4 types of cards, which are:

  • Credit card (it can be MasterCard, World MasterCard or World Elite MasterCard): the deposit is given for credit and should be paid according to the conditions of the card issue.
  • Debit card: the payment is made from the money on the personal account. It is more comfortable because there is no need to pay the credit with the percent.
  • Prepaid card: this is the most appropriate type. You require buying a card of the definite value. Depending on the type, it might be plastic, virtual, disposable or with the replenishment option.
  • Contactless card: the new technology is applied in such cards. It is necessary to put the card to the terminal or phone without any data input.

Types of cards according to the privileges: Standard, Gold, Platinum, World, World Elite, World Black.

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In order to make purchases in the online shops or withdraw money from the online casino, MasterCard Standard is enough.

A stepwise instruction how to make payments with a card

Select the casino, where you want to open a deposit (it is advisable to read our reviews).

There are two means of payment:

  • via the pay desk.
  • via the gambler’s account.

You will be able to make payments as soon as you are registered on the website. It is better to give the real data; otherwise, there might be certain troubles with money withdrawals in the future. Select MasterCard out of the offered ways of payment.

Then fill a special form with the information required:

  • The figures of the card number (16-digit number on the right side of the card),
  • The expiration date (month and year),
  • The name of a cardholder (the same as on the card),
  • CVV code (3 figures on the underside),
  • The deposit sum.

If everything is correct, the “Pay” button will be available for a user. If a card in the currency different from the one of the casino, the exchange is fulfilled according to the bank’s rate, where the card has been issued. The confirmation of the transaction is made by means of a message either on email or a phone number.

Money withdrawal to MasterCard

When a user withdraws the money, it is necessary to know the bank account properties. Which is why, it is advisable to prepare for the more comfortable ways of withdrawal.

MasterCard Security

The transaction system is secure but many aspects depend on the user.

In order to avoid fraudsters, it is required to:

  • Never uncover the card properties to the other people,
  • Never say your CVV code, password or card number, even if it is demanded by the bank agents,
  • Immediately inform the bank if you have lost your card (the service department works 24/7),
  • Inform the bank about the card loss via the bank website if there is no opportunity to contact a bank agent.
MasterCard FAQ
>Where can I pay with a MasterCard gift card for online US?

Similar to Visa prepaid gift cards, any casino online will accept these as depositing methods. You don’t need to look especially hard to find a casino who will take these.

>How can I get an instant virtual MasterCard using a PayPal casino deposit?

How you get a PayPal MasterCard is the same way as anyone else. You have to visit a retail location that offers these sorts of cards.

The only thing to note is that while you can deposit using these cards, withdrawing is going to be tricky. You’re better off using a standard PayPal account since you can hook it up to a bank account.

>Which online casino offers more bonuses for depositing with MasterCard?

None. Any bonuses associated with US aren’t determined by what payment method you use. So long as you use one of their deposit methods the specific casino allows then that’s what matters.

The advantages of MasterCard system

  • The ease of deposit,
  • The high speed of transactions,
  • The high level of security and reliability,
  • The popularity in online US.

Disadvantages of MasterCard system

In order to withdraw money, it is necessary to have the bank account properties. Do not forget about the SWIFT code! The fees for exchange, withdrawal or payments might be up to 15%.

MasterCard system is comfortable for making payments but is not that appropriate for the withdrawals from online US. That’s why when you select this way of payment, it is required to count the fees percent for the withdrawal and exchange as well as the period of withdrawal.

Nevertheless, system is absolutely reliable. Its status of the Visa payment system rival is not unfounded.

Our opinion: it is better to apply VISA payment system.