5 Reel Slots

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After classic slots came the age of 3 reel slots. But those days are in the past when 5 reel slots entered. Today, the 5 reel slots have a commanding position in popularity. Companies have been rolling out with these slots in droves. It’s to the point that there are over a thousand slots of this type. And this number continues to expand as more developers are releasing these slots to the public.

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Naturally, you have several online casino games for people to play and win from. But whether you walk into a real casino or visit an online casino, one thing won’t change. You’ll see plenty of 5 reel slots. They are hands down THE gambling game to play with while you’re there.

What Are 5 Reel Slots?

How did these slots gain this much popularity? Well, a lot of it is to do with what these slots are like. It is as the name suggests that these games have 5 reels. Already these are seen as vastly superior models to 3 reel as you have higher possibilities of pay lines. How this translates to players is the more you play, the more you’ll win compared to other games.

But one other big aspect of these slot machines is that companies make them unique. They make them unique through bonus features.

3 reel and classic slots don’t have as robust of a bonus system as 5 reel does. We see that as many large payouts come from 5 reel slots over 3 reel slots. These slots also have special effects, more creative designs, and other advanced features.

What sort of advanced features do they have specifically? Well, each game has its own version and unique advanced features. We encourage you to play for free and see for yourself. Also depending on the software provider, they have unique features exclusive to that game or that company. Because of this, players have a wide selection of games to pick from. They’re all familiar, but they are different enough to appeal to many people.

5 Reel Over 3 Reel

If you’re expecting the differences to end there, they’re not. These differences are only the beginning.

There are a few other distinguishing things.

First is the designs. We said the designs are different above, but there are some big differences. You see these games use video or 3D. What this means is that the graphics used by these slots are high-end graphics. Sound is also given the same treatment. You’ll have brighter symbols, animations, entertaining plots, and a unique soundtrack.

All of this is a step up from the typical 3 reel slot machines or the classic fruit machines. When you play these games, they bring you along on a journey and immerse you in the story. Want to explore Ancient Egypt? There are slots that make you feel like an explorer during those times. Want to travel to space? There are 5 reel slots that bring you to a journey through space. Want to feel a little nostalgic? There are slots that pull from fairy tales and bring you to a fantasy world.

Some companies have even gotten licenses to specific properties in films. As a result, there are licensed slots devoted to popular films:

  • Microgaming has a Jurassic Park-themed slot.
  • IGT has a Star Trek licensed slot machine.
  • Playtech has a Gladiator inspired slot.

This is only the tip of the iceberg for these slots. From this alone, it’s clear how popular these slots are.

Play 5 Reel Slots Online

This isn’t much of a debate. If you want the best casino game around, look to 5-reel slot game. Yes, there is definitely a charm to 3 reel slots, but these games provide something different. They provide more excitement for players and more strategy. Plus, with all the features and new experiences, this is the clear alternative if you want something new.

Of course, we have a library of 5 reel slots available with many having demo versions. So if you don’t want to bet real money yet, you can experience the rush through these demo versions. Once you’re familiar with the features, you can play for real money. You can either put a small bet with options to go higher and more odds of winning.

5 Reel Slots FAQ

>How to play 5 reel slots?
Simple. Place your bet and once you’ve placed it, confirm it and spin the reels.
>How to win 5 reel slots?
Like any slot, the key is match a line of certain symbols. Depending on the game, there may be other features to help you boost your chances of winning. With 5 reel slots, you have more pay line combinations which demand progressively more money. That being said, betting higher will give you those higher odds automatically.
>What do the numbers mean next to 5 reel slots?
If you’ve been around slots you might’ve heard various names for the slots. From 5 reel slots to 3 reel slots, free slots, and classic slots. Each slot has their own meaning for those names. Classic slots refer to the modernized version of the classic slots that started it all in the 19th century. Free slots refers to the free mode that every slot machine offers to players. As you might be able to guess, the 3 reel and 5 reel slots refer to the number of reels that are in each game.