Responsible Gambling

We always risk by something in our life, and gambling is a special style of risk that is exciting and fun. For most people who love to play online US, gambling is entertainment.

The desire to try your luck or get a quick win can be irresistible. It may also happen that every win will be accompanied by new bets, and in the event of a loss, the person will desperately continue to play, hoping that a "Big Win" is not far off. The longer this goes on, the more a person gets drawn into the game. Modern scientists have proven a direct relationship between the game and the production of dopamine in the human brain. The more doses of this harmonic are produced, the more you want to play and win.

This is the main reason why gambling is so addictive. If you can not control your excitement in the game, and gambling is no longer fun for you, be sure to read this material to the end, this information can help you. Moreover, if there are people among your acquaintances who play gambling irresponsibly, pass on this information to them. They cannot always control their thoughts and actions if the game has swallowed them up completely. We do not want our clients to become dependent and inadequate members of the human community. The game is a pleasant entertainment, but not a reason for suffering and insanity.

What is our main goal?

We always make every effort to help and protect players from the possible negative effects of hobbies games. We strongly recommend that you use such tools as: self-excluding, reading tips and information about the responsible attitude to the game, studying risk assessment procedures. We are doing everything possible to save users who should not play at all, as well as those who wish to limit their playing time. We want people to enjoy the game, but do not become hostages of the situation.

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But you should always remember that ludomans can`t help themselves. Since it is difficult to get rid of dependence on your own, you should contact a specialist in this field: including USA psychologists and psychiatrists are engaged in the treatment of dependence on the game. The support of family and friends is important, because often game addicts do not dare to see a doctor themselves.

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In modern times, there is a highly qualified specialist in the field of psychology and psychiatry. You should not expect that dependence on the game will disappear without help. You should not be ashamed or embarrassed if you are addicted to the game. To recognize our weaknesses is to take responsibility for yourself. If you admit that you have a disease - the first step in getting rid of it. We want you to understand very clearly all the problems that may be associated with addiction.

Minor players

Each minor user must leave our site immediately, so persons under the age of 18 are prohibited to participate in the game. Moreover, the law of most countries of the world prohibits playing online gambling for people under the age of 18.

In the case of providing fake information about his age, a minor user may be subject to criminal liability. All information below is intended solely for adults. The involvement of minors in the game is contrary to the principles of all online US.

Gambling addiction

Game addiction is an emotional illness, a serious mental disorder that is diagnosable and treatable. Usually, the patient goes through three stages - in the first he wins (1-3 years), in the second he loses everything, takes out a loan to recoup, and then runs down the borrowed money as well. In the third stage, 90% of the players break the law in order to finance their passion. Of course, you cannot treat a possessed player as an immoral or stupid person who does not want to do away with his activity: we are still dealing with an unhappy patient, for whom the craving for the game has become uncontrollable.

The player lives to play

When does the player become addicted to the game? An addicted player is characterized by the fact that his personal life suffers from a passion for the game. To recognize the player, simple tests have been compiled that check for the presence of a dependency symptom. Illness is indicated by the inability to finish the game, taking credit to finance the game, the perception of money not as a means of living, but as a source of the game, changes in the character of the player, his lies and secretiveness when he regrets the game and is ashamed of it, puts workers, family, at risk, and other important relationships for the sake of the game, etc.

What will help each player play responsibly?

There is a list of rules to help you play responsibly, and no longer worries about the negative impact of gambling on your daily life.

Here are some of them:

  • Decide for yourself in advance what specific amount you can afford to lose and stick to this figure;
  • Determine the time that you can spend on the game session, be sure to observe it;
  • Take regular breaks while playing;
  • Never borrow funds to play, play on what you can afford to lose;
  • Recommend combining gambling with other activities;
  • Stop gambling while struggling with addiction;
  • Find patterns in your behavior. Do you play when you are bored, when you are in a stressful situation or under great pressure?
  • Use the calendar and mark on it the days when you are not playing so that you can see the progress;
  • Ask someone you trust to conduct your financial affairs for a specific, pre-agreed period;
  • After a certain period without a game, encourage yourself by spending on yourself some of the savings;
  • If you are a ludoman - the main thing is not to rush things. Keep an optimistic attitude. You will be able to beat gambling addiction. Some players cannot return to gambling without losing control, while others, at a later stage, return to the game and can control their excitement;
  • Be honest with yourself first, and then with the others;
  • Talk about your addiction with someone you trust; it could be: a family, a friend, or a mentor;
  • Always take regular breaks to keep in touch with reality, stand up and give up the game;
  • Consider setting withdrawal limits;
  • If you feel that your initially innocuous gambling hobby suddenly begins to grow into a dependency, ask to be excluded from the casino. The period of exclusion should be from 3 to 6 months;
  • Take responsibility for yourself. Do not run away from your problems.
Useful Resources
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  5. British Columbia Responsible & Problem Gambling Program
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  7. Gambling Support Network
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As a conclusion, we would like to remind everyone who was interested in the above information that gambling is just entertainment, and not a way to quickly enrich and pay for its debts. All gambling, especially online, is based on chance, and therefore there are no formulas that guarantee winnings.

Our site proudly develops and accepts the principles of "responsible gambling" and encourages all players to follow them always. After all, we really want that after reading this information, you will be able to try your luck, have a good rest and enjoy spending time with your favorite games without any consequences.

Moreover, if you take into account not only simple tips on how to play the game responsibly, and also all of the above information in general, you cannot worry about your own, as well as about the safety of your loved ones, but just enjoy the plunge into the gambling world games and spend time behind the screen of your PC or any other gadget with maximum benefit.

We wish you all good luck and good mood!