Net Entertainment

Net Entertainment company is considered the experienced developer of the software for a casino & the high-class hardware for the gambling industry. The company was founded in 1996 & in three years launched its first variant of the gambling platform for the US.

The company creates original games for US & has been acknowledged as the successful producer. Net Entertainment company uses the reliable methods & absolutely innovative decisions, which make this company different from the rest.

Net Entertainment

Online slots differ with originality and quality. They are performed with huge talents by specialists that have the extensive development experience in this field. The company also provides technical support & legal consults during the launching of casino, games and work with them throughout the entire collaboration.

The excellent proof of successfulness of this company is the record jackpot on 18 million Euros in Mega Fortune slot.

Casino software has always been the most valuable product because it moves all the functions that are installed on the site – starting from spinning the wheel of roulette ending with payouts. The NetEnt's software is the quality without exception, above all.

There are many games for the casino, such as slot machines, video poker, on-table games & card games like blackjack, poker & dices, as well as roulette, lottery, horse ride & lots of other entertainment at your choice. There are more than 150 various games and each of them is the results of the painstaking work of the specialists – programmers, designers, painters & directors.

Net EntertainmentThe user gets outstanding animation, graphics in 3D format, exciting stories & enjoying music. The music in the slots intrigues the gambler from the very beginning; in conjunction with the high-quality animation may raise the mood to every person.

NetEnt's software allows going directly on the site right from the browser, without downloading any program to your personal computer thanks to the Flash technology.

The user only has to pass the registration process, entering the data from his or her passport, as this procedure is required in order to make the full security of the user during the financial transactions.

The browser version of the software for the casino is of high quality and succulent, but the gamblers of the casino also have the possibility to download this entire set of the gaming platform.

The brand differs with its flexibility & it makes compromises, allowing the integration of the software of the casino with other developers, which makes the gaming sites from Net Entertainment more filled and gives the users the option to select the games from various providers.

In addition to the named qualities of the software, the company has launched a new system named NetEnt™ Touch, which makes work on the mobile devices in the high quality possible.

The peculiarities of the gaming platform by this provider are:

  • High-quality software that has the original functions.
  • The availability of the big quantity of exciting and popular games in the collection.
  • The simple interface that is accessible to make the fine tune on your own.
  • The stunning graphics and design.
  • The security of the databases (they are all located at the protected servers in the offshore zones).
  • The trustworthy & transparency of the payment transactions thanks to the reliable payment systems.
  • The availability of the systems allowing getting yourself acquainted with the statistics and the history of the game in the process as well as with the history of payouts.
  • The professional round-the-clock work of the specialists of technical support.
  • Multilingual option.
  • Profitable bonuses and increasing jackpots in slots.

The slot machines have the outstanding respect from the users, as they differ with remarkable graphical characteristics, the nice sound, hilarious fantastic stories, and it all make truly friendly and welcoming atmosphere & raises the mood.

NetEnt Hero

There are several factors of the online casino software must be noticed that differs the NetEnt gaming automates from the products of its competitors:

  • They use Flash technologies to create online slots that make games bright & exciting & allow playing in the browser.
  • HD animation makes slots really like cartoon stories that lure the gambler on the site.
  • Attractive themes & hilarious story lines also are part of the incredibly addictive factor.
  • Graphics is done with the detalization of every hero making it as if alive character.
  • Almost every game is accessible on the mobile platforms (tablets, Android devices & smartphones).
  • The huge advantage is a multi-currency possibility, as the casino is visited by gamblers from many countries.
  • All the games machines are performed with a high percentage of win rate (from 95% to 97%).

The Net Entertainment company also constantly works at the improvement of software for the casino & improvement of its products. When you enter this site with games, it is automatically updated. The team of developers realizes this innovative product & makes new slots that enhance the online US.