Mega Moolah New Jackpot

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News about big winnings and incredible jackpots always cause a huge rush of endorphins in our bored out brain. Stories about success, unexpected gifts of fate and the fulfillment of fabulous desires by the most ordinary people add us with faith in ourselves, set us on a positive, give strength in our pursuit of personal success. Today we will tell you about a casino which is able to make your dreams come true.

Mega Moolah Jackpot

You don’t even imagine what kind of dream we are talking about. And after all, Mega Moolah is simply amazing with a huge, incredible jackpot amount of almost 19.000. 000 euros. It seems incredible, but the famous “Microgaming” company really poses an unreal challenge to its players. And now, each of us can join the pursuit of a new record win.

What do you need to know about the new slot?

Firstly, this slot is already so popular that you can easily find it in almost any online casino. Not only an experienced player, but even beginners in the sphere of online games have already heard about this slot. “Mega Moolah” is your real chance to make your dreams come true and caught a wave. All you need is to start your own game.

Secondly, it was “Mega Moolah” who set a record winning amount of 19 million euros and this slot already had one winner - the lucky one, who hit the big jackpot. And the most striking thing is that this lucky man hit the jackpot with the lowest possible bet of 75 cents. Can you believe it? This story seems fabulous and unreal and yet - this is real true and this new slot attracts more and more gamblers.

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Thirdly, this very lucky gamer can fully enjoy his unreal winning, because according to the rules of “Microgaming”, such jackpots are paid in full and immediately. The lucky man did not even have to think about installments, deferred payments and other financial schemes. He just got his prize.

Microgaming TwitterMega Moolah sets new record

Here is an example of the statements made by leading people in the online casino sphere:

“We watched a huge growth of the jackpot with the whole team and we are very proud that this lucke man was able to set an unprecedented till this moment record. To be honest, we were waiting with genuine interest when the “Mega Moolah” jackpot will be hit. I want to sincerely congratulate “Grand Mondial Casino” and of course, the lucky man, ” said David Reynolds, one of the creators of “Microgaming” games.